About ExtraMagazine

Memorable messages get better results. So, we offer you the invaluable resource of specially trained graphic artists, writers and production staff - all using the industry's most advanced technology. The results? Ads that polish your image and amplify the power of your message.

Over 5 local editions in Montreal & suburbs mailed 3 times annually (more in selected markets).

Editorial Focus
Full-color advertising in a glossy magazine format, consisting largely of local merchants and services but also including major regional and national advertisers.

Editorial Point-Of-Difference
Our eye-catching format and ease of use make us the most appealing direct-mail advertising in Canada, with an extended shelf life in the home. In independent research, our product has proven to have a shelf life of seven weeks, making it ideal for new product promotions as well as brand building.

Exceeds 1 million annually. 75% of all ExtraMagazine issues are read by at least two people in a household. A study showed that 54% of ExtraMagazine readers share the magazines with their spouses or significant others.