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Consumers Use ExtraMagazine Again & Again
Because it's a magazine, ExtraMagazine is treated like one. Consumers return to it and read it repeatedly. In fact, it's shelf life lasts six to eight weeks in the home. That gives your message repeat exposure. And, thus, more time to generate responses.

The Proverbial "More Bang For Your Buck"
With ExtraMagazine, it's not a proverb - it's a proven fact. Our stand-out magazine format and our direct-mail delivery mechanism give your message the impact of a solo mailer. And do it for pennies per household.

Matching The Pace of Modern Life
Face it: Canadian consumers have less and less free time. They can't bother wading through newspaper page after newspaper page looking for bargains. On the other hand, ExtraMagazine gives them everything they want quickly, efficiently, at a glance.

Cream-Of-The-Crop Coverage
We sift through and identify the prime households in your area. We do the research. We match your preferred demographics. And as we expand our coverage areas, we use the same constantly updated data to find more of the customers you want most.

Good Looks Mean Great Business
Each edition of ExtraMagazine features beautiful, professionally designed ads cover to cover. They draw the consumer in, make the sale, spur the desired action. And they're made all the more effective by our distinctive, easy-to-use magazine format.

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