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National Advertising

Dedicated to building brands nationally by getting consumers locally.

Put Your Company In Great Company

If you believe in the maxim "You're known by the company you keep," then advertising in ExtraMagazine's National Supplement puts you in the best possible company. Bound into an ever-expanding collection of local ExtraMagazine editions, the National Supplement features both direct-response offers and image advertising by some of Canadas best-known and most prestigious consumer brands. So, besides a great medium for your message, you get enhanced credibility and consumer acceptance - the kind that comes with being considered "one of the
big guys."

Year-Round Exposure For Your Message
It's a marketer's dream: an ad that never stops advertising. And with ExtraMagazine's National Supplement drop schedule and shelf life, it's a reality. Your ads could be in consumers' homes and hands 24-7-365. All it takes is the commitment to a full-year program - a commitment that costs incredibly little, considering what you get in return. You hit our full circulation (about 1 million homes annually) for far less than, say, a single partial page in a national consumer magazine.

Use Us Any Way You Need Us
Low price, high circulation and outstanding quality-per-dollar make ExtraMagazine's National Supplement ideal for introducing new products, building established brands, presenting seasonal promotions... you name it.

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