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The Best Local Coupon Web Site In Canada

The coupon web site with thousands of local members. Backed by a national magazine with hundreds of local editions. Extra Magazine invented the upscale, full-color, direct-mail coupon publication. And made it work beautifully coast to coast, in hundreds of America's most affluent markets.

Now here's the big news. is up and running in each Extra market. Plus, it's being advertised prominently in each magazine. And to further boost awareness, we have ready-to-run media advertising, including radio and TV. What does this mean to you? Simple: for a surprisingly low price, you can give yourself a powerful one-two punch: high-impact print, plus response-grabbing online advertising. For more details, read on. Then call your local Extra Magazine/ sales rep today.

Totally redefining what web-based couponing can be.
Low in Cost
Rich in Growth Potential
Recognized Locally and Nationally

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Change your offer anytime you like – FREE.
Whenever you want, without paying a cent, you can alter your coupons. It's the easiest and fastest way to capitalize on changing market conditions, piggyback onto the latest trends, attract new customers, or instantly test offer effectiveness.

Need a boost? Send an e-mail.
Having a slow week or month? Need more sales pronto? Let send a low-cost, special-offer "E-mail Blast" to every member in your area...or across the country! It's a super way to tap into the buying power of our constantly growing membership.

Local client email sample.

National client email sample.

Show a web commercial on every computer in town.

You run spots on local TV. So why not run one online, too? Thanks to the latest innovation – video e-mail – we can create a web commercial (10-15 sec.) and send it to every member in your market. It'll dramatically raise your visibility!
Local client web commercial sample.
National client web commercial sample.

Get 20 times the requests with a Premium Position.
By choosing Premium Positioning on, you display your logo and offer in every merchant category. On average, this yields a 20-fold increase in coupon requests.

Reach people who actively seek out savings. is membership-driven. While there's no cost to join, consumers do have to become members to get the savings. In other words, they're not casual surfers – they're committed buyers.

Say more about your business with a Web Page.
Why stop at coupons? With a full-color Web Page, you can show your restaurant menu... your store interior...your new products and services. Plus, you get a traffic-boosting link to your own web site. All in a concise, eye-catching format.

Stay open for business 24-7. members can log on and print your offers day or night, on weekdays, weeknights, weekends or even holidays. It's like you're always open.

Pay nothing for the most powerful advertising in the world.
It's called "Word Of Mouth." And brings it into the Digital Age – by making it easy for users to send your online coupons to their friends.

Add well-known business partners – instantly.
How? Advertise on We already have links on many widely-recognized national web sites. And we're partnering with more every week. Imagine all the business they can funnel to your door!

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