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The Best Local Advertising In Canada. Period.
It all boils down to results. And great results are why ExtraMagazine has grown 250% in the 15 years since its launch. Today, we publish hundreds of thousands of local magazines, from West Island to Laval. Each one is distributed by direct mail through the Canadian Postal Service. Each one reflects our strict emphasis on color, quality and consumer response. And, of course, each one gets results for its advertisers... for a fraction of the cost of mass media like newspapers, radio and TV.

National & Regional Advertising Advantages
Even though ExtraMagazine has prided itself on offering "The Best Local Advertising In Canada" we have not forgotten our national clientele. Our National & Regional Advertising department is dedicated to building your business nationwide by getting consumers locally. ExtraMagazine's National Supplement is ideal for introducing new products, building established brands, presenting seasonal promotions & getting the Return On Investment that you expect.
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Founded in 1990, Extra Magazine has grown from a single local publication, to over 250,000 copies. Mailed 3 times annually (more in selected markets), ExtraMagazine reaches roughly 1,000,000 Canadians with full-color ads featuring money saving offers.

ExtraMagazine also operates numerous subsidiaries:
My New Home Guide, Extra Web Development, eMag Marketing & graphic plus